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December 18, 2014

When to Introduce Gluten to Children

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist

Imad Absah, M.D., discusses a recently published articles in the New England Journal of Medicine about when to introduce children to gluten.

The main take away of the study is that it most likely doesn't matter when gluten is introduced to a child. It might be reasonable in children with a high risk of celiac disease to check their genotype. Based on genotype and high risk assessment, it might be beneficial to delay gluten introduction to prevent any damage from happening. Breast feeding is still recommending for mothers who have celiac disease because of the benefits for both the infant and the mother.

Read the full article online here.

For more information about celiac disease, visit mayoclinic.org/celiacdisease.

Dr. Absah is a pediatric gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic.

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