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July 20, 2015

Increased Rates of Pregnancy Complications in Women with Celiac Disease

By Kanaaz Pereira

Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and celiac disease expert Joseph Murray, M.D., discusses one of the largest women's health studies, published in the Annals of Gastroenterology that examines the risk of pregnancy complications in women with untreated celiac disease.

Although celiac disease is associated with intestinal disorder, it is important to note that that it can impact the reproductive health of women outside the digestive system. The study associated celiac disease with significant increases in spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, and later age of menarche.

Read the full study online here.

For more information about celiac disease, visit mayoclinic.org/celiac disease.

Dr. Murray is a gastroenterologist and celiac disease expert at Mayo Clinic.

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Posted by @crunchhourly, Aug 1, 2015

I’m finding rice the best thing to eat. What are your favorites?

Kanaaz Pereira

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Posted by @kanaazpe, Aug 4, 2015

“I like to recommend choosing from a variety of gluten free grains. Rice, corn, quinoa, amaranth are some. You may want to consider the whole grain versions as being perhaps a better source of fiber.”
-Dr. Joseph Murray

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