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November 23, 2015

Was My Gluten Challenge Too Short?

By Kanaaz Pereira

How do we make the diagnosis of celiac disease in the patient who is already avoiding gluten? Dr. Joseph Murray, M.D., answers this question, and provides valuable insight into the often confounding topic of ‘gluten challenge.’

Dr. Murray explains the science behind this trend, and empahsizes, "A gluten challenge needs to be done deliberately, and under medical supervision, ideally with follow-up tests already scheduled."

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Dr. Murray is a gastroenterologist and celiac disease expert at Mayo Clinic.

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Posted by @DKFusion, May 4, 2016

This is something that I have wondered twice now. The first time I was told to eat a normal gluten based diet and get the blood test after a week, this was after being gluten free for a bit over 10 months. I did not think that was correct so I checked with my gastro doctor and he said 4 slices of bread for a month. The 4 slices were extremely miserable and after the month I had the blood test to which my primary doctor said that it was negative and I dont have celiac disease or any gluten based issues. I then went for a 2nd opinion and was told to eat a slice of bread a day for 8 weeks then have the biopsy. the first week or so went by ok, with some abdominal discomfort. I then had to have shoulder surgery to which I was put on hydrocodone for about 5 weeks or so (the first 3 weeks I was taking the hydrocodone at least 2 times a day, the remaining time I was only taking it at night). I had noticed that the hydrocodone has suppressed all abdominal discomfort and had suppressed the diarreah that had started shortly before my surgery. After I was done with the hydrocodone all the symptoms came back with full force. While on the hydrocodone I did have some symptoms such as feet, ankle and calf swelling, confusion, weight gain, bloating and some severe fatigue. After the hydrocodone some bad abdominal pain, a quite a bit of diarreah, social withdrawl,chronic cough,inability to breathe through my nose, mild depression, more weight gain, mood swings and my knees hurt more than they did before (to which I was diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and my knees, and I am not even 40 yet). I had the biopsy and the results were “Increased intraepithelial lymphocytes with normal villous
architecture can be seen in symptomatic, latent or partially treated
gluten sensitivity (celiac sprue), dermatitis herpetiformis, and
first degree relatives of gluten sensitivity. Other associations
include systemic autoimmune disorders and NSAID use.”

My concerns are was 8 weeks long enough, and was it enough gluten. Did being on the hydrocodone have any negative impacts on the test. I was also instructed to redo the blood tests, but I had quit eating gluten again after my biopsy which has now been close to 2 weeks.
I also had the genetic testing done and for the DQ beta 1 it came back as 02:02,03:02 DQ Serologic Equivalent: 2,8

For the DQ alpha 1 it came back as 02:01,03

My daughter tested positive for Celiac, and not sure if I need to go back onto the gluten again to redo the blood tests as I have been off of gluten for almost 2 weeks now. Some symptoms are finally starting to go away, but it took almost the full 2 weeks for that to happen..

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