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May 10th, 2016

New Drug Shows Promise for Celiac Patients

By Kanaaz Pereira kanaazpe

So far, treatment for celiac disease has been limited to a gluten-free diet, but as clinicians and researchersĀ understand more about the causes of this disease, it has opened up many avenues for development of new treatment. There are at least 3 drugs that have shown hints of promise in small clinical trials, and larazotide acetate […]

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Tags: celiac disease, Joseph Murray, larazotide acetate, Phase-3 clinical trial

September 11th, 2015

Is Larazotide Acetate the Answer to Leaky Gut?

By Kanaaz Pereira kanaazpe

One of the early consequences of celiac disease is that the gut becomes permeable, allowing access of gluten molecules into the immune system.Ā Dr. Joseph Murray, M.D., talks about the investigational drug, Larazotide Acetate, that was developed in a clinical trial to reduce this leakiness or permeability. The study has been published in Gastroenterology. Maintaining a […]

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Tags: celiac disease, Gastroenterology, gluten, Joseph Murray, larazotide acetate, leaky gut

November 10th, 2013

Larazotide Acetate & Celiac Disease

By Brent Westra brentwestra

Note: This post was originally published on Mayo Clinic’s Advancing the Science blog on April 17, 2013 Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and celiac disease expert Joseph Murray, M.D., discusses a recent article published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics that examined the effectiveness of larazotide acetate as an alternative treatment for celiac disease. While he states that […]

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Tags: Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Joseph Murray, larazotide acetate

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